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Le 8 janvier 2016, 06:45 dans Humeurs 0

Flash Based Web Designs Originally, Adobe Flash was called Shockwave Flash. In the recent past, it was termed as Macromedia Flash but has now come to be known popularly as Flash. Since the second half of last years of 20th century, Flash technology has become a popular means for creating interactive websites and applying animation in web design.

Extremely Interactive: Flash based games, e learning courses, edutainment are very much interactive. Visitors are charmed by the interaction which results in inviting more traffic.

Highly Expressible: Animated features have a lasting impression in the human mind. Messages can be easily communicated to the visitor with the help of flash. For instance, flash having visible expression has a great bearing on the buying habit of visitor.

Easy presentation: Products and services can be easily presented interestingly with the help valentino flats of flash. For instance, demonstration of product. Attractive: Flash is very much visually appealing. Arresting designs have captivating influence on the searchers mind.

Constraints of Search Engine Optimization: Flash web designs are not search engine friendly. Search engine robots fail to index the content of flash websites. This results in poor ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Slow loading speed: It takes a long time to download a flash based website. As a result, visitors may turn to other websites to get quick information in no time.

Dynamic programming can't be used easily: Websites of dynamic programming cannot easily use flash. If necessary, it is converted into HTML file and then followed by flash designs.


Despite the various valentino shoes sale loopholes surrounding the Flash based web designs, it is observed fact that this website design is in huge demand in recent times. Captivating designs that steal the visitor's attention at the first show.

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How Do You Know If You're A Goal Setter I have a short story for you today. Once upon a time a lovely lady named Judith, sat gazing out her bay window at the fields, streams and mountains in the distance. She sighed at their beauty and lamented the fact that she just wasn't happy even with her wonderful surroundings.

She needed something more in her life, but she didn't know how to go about getting it, didn't know how to start. In fact, she didn't even know what it was! She just valentino shoes felt this craving, this need.

At one time she had heard about and even tried 'goal setting', but it didn't work for her and so she accepted the fact that she just wasn't the kind of person to be a 'goal achiever'.

She rose from her window seat and lethargically moved across the room toward the door, but something caught her eye. There was a large mirror in the room and there was something written on it. How odd! Puzzled, she moved closer to the mirror and was able to see and read these words: "Judith, you have been a goal setter and achiever since the day you were born."

Yikes! What the heck was this? How did these words get on the mirror? It was as if the mirror could read her thoughts and more words appeared. "Yes, you and every person on this earth is a born goal setter and achiever, the only difference between you is that you either choose your goals CONSCIOUSLY or you automatically reach UNCONSCIOUS goals. Wherever your thoughts go, you go.

Judith was intrigued, but valentino ballerina flats confused. She needed some clarification. And the mirror obliged with, "You have been thinking that you are not a goal setter and therefore unable to receive the things you want, and what has happened? You have not received the things you want. You unconsciously set it up to not receive what you want. What do you think would happen if you changed that thought to 'I succeed in knowing and receiving what I want to be, do and have in my life'?"


And the mirror went on to write, "Your unconscious believes everything you tell it, it cannot differentiate lies from truth. It accepts negative and positive thoughts as just energy then sends that energy out like a giant magnet to attract what you are thinking. And so everyone who has a thought, no matter what it is, is a goal setter and that includes all human beings. Simply become a conscious goal setter by listening to what you tell yourself and change the thoughts that don't serve you."